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Induction Heating...benefits tube /pipe mfgr's

Product Announcement from Ambrell

Induction Heating...benefits tube /pipe mfgr's-Image

Ambrell - Induction heating offers numerous benefits to tube and pipe manufacturers, including:

  • Fast heating of tubes
  • Precise heating of the portion of the tube that needs heating
  • Repeatable heating so you get the same result each time
  • Energy efficient when compared to other tube heating methods
  • Small footprint when compared to an oven

Ambrell has extensive experience with induction heating, manufacturing low-to-high power units across a broad frequency range. And, with nearly 30 years of experience and more than 10,000 installations -- including many tube and pipe heating applications -- Ambrell has the experience to enhance your process.

Ambrell has worked on numerous tube and pipe heating applications, including:

  • Tube and pipe coating and curing
  • Pre- and post-weld heating
  • Hot pipe bending
  • Drill pipe heat treatment
  • Brazing diamond or carbide inserts onto oil and gas well drill bits

Ambrell has prepared an extensive 12-page brochure that discusses those tube and pipe heating applications, and how induction heating can help. Click here to view the brochure. And, if you think induction heating from Ambrell might be a fit for your business, free lab testing is available.