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Fast(trr 500 nS max) Schottky Rectifier 1N4510

Product Announcement from American Microsemiconductor, Inc.

Fast(trr 500 nS max) Schottky Rectifier 1N4510-Image

General Purpose Rectifier (trr  500ns max) 1N4510 from American Microsemiconductor.

The 1N4510 is a fast switching General purpose,1 kV 12 Amp rectifier. It is in a DO-4 stud mount package. American supplies it in commercial, industrial, and military specifications. This is an example of our power rectifier line.We supply higher power rectifiers in DO-4, DO-5, DO-8, DO-9 and Hockey puck type packages.We supply germanium and silicon rectifiers/diodes and both signal and power.Our schottky rectifiers are also fast switching and feature a low Vf . Schottky is a standard line that we produce and sell.

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Did you Know ?

  •  American Microsemiconductor Inc. (AMS) is Certified AS9100: Rev C and ISO9001:2008
  • AMS has been supplying semiconductor for over 45 years
  • AMS has the largest semiconductor stock; over 170,000 different line items in stock
  • AMS has over 100 years of semiconductor sales experience
  • AMS sells semiconductors worldwide
  • AMS designs, re-engineers, modifies, manufactures, and tests all types of semiconductors 
  • We offer equivalents and replacements for discontinued/obsolete Semiconductors
  • If you have a sample of what you need, we will evaluate your sample
  • We have a Yahoo Semiconductor ecommerce store. Please visit us at: http://store.americanmicrosemiconductor.com
  •  AMS also  has our large inventory online at www.Amazon.com
  •  Both our stores, Yahoo and Amazon, have no minimum Purchase Order
  •  AMS accepts and delivers small manufacturing orders efficiently and on time.
  •  AMS supplies test data, if needed, on all our parts
  •  We do sorting, selection, and matching of semiconductor parameters
  •  Have a requirement, call us at 973-377-9566, Fax us at 973-377-3078,              email at sales@americanmicrosemi.com, or visit one of our stores at: http://store.americanmicrosemiconductor.com, or www.Amazon.com

      DON'T WASTE YOUR VALUABLE TIME! tell us your requirements

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