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H11C1 -H11C6 PHOTO SCR OPTOCOUPLERS from American Microsemiconductor, Inc.

The H11C SERIES Optocouplers (formerly supplied by Fairchild Semiconductor, Motorola, and others) features a PHOTOSCR output  with an output capability of 300 mA, a maximum 400 Volt breakdown, a 5 Amp surge capability, and a high isolation voltage (7500 V).

American Microsemiconductor Inc. (AMS) supplies the H11C SERIES OPTOCOUPLER featuring a gallium arsenide diode input and a PHOTOSCR output in a six pin Dual Inline Package(DIP). Other similar family optocouplers AMS supplies are: H11C1,H11C2, H11C3 (all 200 Volts) andH11C4,H11C5, H11C6 (all 400V).

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