Superior Torque-to-Size Ratio for Instrumentation

Product Announcement from American Stainless & Supply, LLC

Superior Torque-to-Size Ratio for Instrumentation -Image

Ham-Let Pneumatic Actuators


Ham-Let Pneumatic Actuators (HPN) provide the answer to over sized valve actuators installed on smaller instrumentation that require extra support measures and in control panels and instrumentation applications. HPN is the most compact actuator of ball valves up to 1/2" body size. They have superior torque-to-size ratio for instrumentation valving applications. A unique internal and external double coating improves corrosion resistance and ensures smooth operation. A simple interface plate accommodates all air connection type. Four actuator types are available to best fit the entire Ham-Let ball valves range.

HPA Features:

  • Pneumatic rack and pinion actuators
  • 90 degree actuation for 2-way valves (straight and angle)
  • Actuators comply with ISO 5211, NAMUR and VDI/VDE 3845
  • Actuated valves are available factory assembled or seperately (actuator and mounting kits)
  • Aluminum actuators are standard (stainless steel and electric are available upon request)
  • Limit switches, proximity sensors, position indicators, pilot valves available
  • Other assessories available upon request
  • Standard temperature ranges -32C to 90C (-25.6F to 194F)
    Optional high temperature range -30C to 120C (-22F to 248C)
    Optional low temperature range -50C to 80C (-58F to 176F)

Four standard actuator sizes are available:

Mini (designator A1)
Small (designator A2)
Medium (designator A3)
Large (designator A4)

Improved operational speed enables better valve opening and closing control
ATEX certification of Valves - Actuators assemblies are available on requeset at the time of order quotation