Product Announcement from Analytic Systems

OEM Products: METRA BCA-PWS-480-36 Power System-Image

Developed for Metra, Analytic Systems designed and developed a 480V 3 phase input UPS combining both an AC to DC power supply and a separate battery charger that provides regulated 32VDC power to the voltage power systems. In case of a failure, the low voltage systems are maintained from the batteries. Learn more about the Transit Power Supply/Charger in our white paper.

Analytic Systems has always had an aggressive research and development program. We use this capability to custom design and manufacture power conversion products for original equipment manufacturers (OEM). If you need custom power conversion, send us your specs and we will send you a design and production proposal that meets your requirements.


When unique needs arise, Analytic Systems aggressive research and development team of engineers respond with innovative designs and modifications to meet or exceed the customer's requirements. We use our capability to custom design and then manufacture power conversion products for the customer.


Designed for heavy duty demands of heavy-duty industrial markets, our reliable and robust products will provide years of trouble-free service to users. Products manufactured by Analytic Systems are backed by a 3 Year Warranty.


If you require custom power conversion products in quantities from one to thousands, take the first step in solving your application with a modified power conversion solution. Please call us at 1-800-668-3884 and we would be pleased to submit a design and production proposal to meet your needs.

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