Product Announcement from Anaren, Inc.

Anaren CC2500-based AIR module for 2.4GHz apps-Image

The Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) module family includes several solutions in the 2400MHz band -- all of which incorporate the Texas Instruments CC2500, low-power RF transceiver chip and are compatible with all TI-approved software stacks. Whether you require a stand-alone radio module, or tools suitable for TI's development kits, you will benefit from the excellent performance, tiny footprints, and ease-of-use of pre-certified, RoHS-compliant AIR modules. Applications include: industrial control, building automation, low-power wireless sensor networks, lighting control, and automated meter reading.

More specifically, Anaren's 2.4GHz modules (A2500R24A embedded antenna and A2500R24C for connected antenna) are designed and qualified for use in the US, Canada, and Europe (as such, they are also designed for easy certification to other parts of the globe). Depending on their intended environment, they are particularly well-suited for short-range, high-throughput applications or situations requiring a high density of nodes.

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