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Duplexers for LTE & GSM from Anatech Electronics

Product Announcement from Anatech Electronics, Inc.

Duplexers for LTE & GSM from Anatech Electronics-Image

Whether you're designing LTE systems at 700 MHz or GSM systems at 900 MHz, Anatech Electronics offers you a full range of high-performance duplexers. Each one is tailored to meet the exacting demands of today's networks, including high rejection, low loss, low PIM, and high reliability.

769 to 775 MHz/799 to 805 MHz Cavity Duplexer

The AD772-802D363 cavity duplexer has a Band 1 frequency of 769 to 775 MHz and Band 2 frequency frange of 799 to 805 MHz. Insertion loss in both bands is less than 1 dB and passband ripple is less than 0.5 dB. The duplexer will handle 50 W, operates from -20 to +70 C, and measures 242 x 171 x 70 mm. Connectors are Type-N female.

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740 to 758 MHz/770 to 788 MHz Ceramic Duplexer

The AM779-749D1027 ceramic duplexer has a Band one frequency of 740 to 758 MHz and Band 2 frequency of 770 to 788 MHz, with insertion loss of 3.5 dB, passband ripple of 2.5 dB, and insertion loss of 3.5 dB. It has rejection greater than 45 dB from 565.2 to 583.2 MHz and more than 50 dB from 750 to 758 MHz, return loss greater than 14 dB, and handles 3 W. The duplexer has an operating temperature range of -20 to +70 C, and measures 34 x 14 x 5 mm.

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890 to 909/935 to 954 MHz LC Duplexer

The AE899-944DB5141 LC duplexer has a first passband of 890 to 909 MHz and second passband of 935 to 954 MHz. Insertion loss is less than 0.6 dB and isolation between passbands is at least 80 dB. The duplexer measures 3 x 3.5 x 2.5 in. and has Type-N female connectors.

This product is available on our Web store