Product Announcement from Andantex USA, Inc.

Electromagnetic (EMP) Particle Brakes and Clutches-Image

MerobelĀ® brakes and clutches, sold exclusively thru Andantex USA Inc. in North America, provide torque proportional to the electric current,independent of the slipping speed,with low residual torque. They are easy to integrate into any type of system,achieving fast response time,linear,smooth,clean/dust free,silent operation with low wear and long life-reduced maintenance.

The thermal dissipation of these devices can be increased by the installation of cooling fins(radiator), blower kit,or water-cooled devices.

Brake Styles: FAS Series:External Shaft Brakes, FRAS Series: External Shaft Brakes with Cooling Fins, FAT:Through Shaft Brakes, FRAT:Through Shaft Brakes with Cooling Fins, FRATO:Through Shaft Brakes with Water Cooling

Clutch Styles: EFAS Series: Stationary Primary Clutches, EAT: Through Shaft Clutches, ERAT:Through Shaft Clutches with Cooling Fins

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