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Rack and Pinion Drive - Planetary Reducers

Product Announcement from Andantex USA, Inc.

Rack and Pinion Drive - Planetary Reducers-Image

Andantex USA< Inc. - KRP+ planetary reducers are the single drive components in a family of reducers dedicated to rack and pinion and rotary table drive applications. They can be used alone as a single drive or combined with a second unit to create a zero-backlash rack and pinion axis.

As a single drive, the KRP+ features an integral output pinion and planetary gear train that have been optimized for minimum backlash ( 1-3 arc minutes) and maximum stiffness on rack. In line and right angle versions are available.

The dual drive kit combines two KRP+ reducers in a patented, mechanically preloaded, zero backlash system. The two units are torsionally preloaded against the rack in this closed loop mechanical system. Only one motor is required to drive the axis.

Two reducers can also be combined together in an electrically preloaded twin drive kit. Backlash is eliminated using two motors, one to drive the axis and one to preload the axis.


6 Sizes

Reduction ratios: 5 to 91

Nominal tangential load up to: 30,000 Lbs.,(135,000N)

Max Axis weight up to: 200,000 Lbs., ( 90,000 Kg.)

Max linear speed up to: 3000 in/min ( 78 M/min)