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Spiral-Bevel Gearboxes - Z-Series

Product Announcement from Andantex USA, Inc.

Spiral-Bevel Gearboxes - Z-Series -Image

Andantex Z-Series product line offers 7 different sizes, 6 model types, and 9 ratios, with various input-output arrangements including solid shaft or hollow bore options, as well as universal mounting capability.

All of these options are made possible by a modular design concept that starts with a cubic housing.

Additional Designs:

ZT Series used as multipliers ( reduction ratios=0.5:0.67)

ZD Series manual slide dog clutch, including a neutral

ZI Series- The same as ZD with manual,foward,neutral and reverse.

ZR Series- Spiral bevel gearbox with reinforced hollow bore.


Low Backlash ( as low as 3 arcmin on request)

Efficiency of 95-98%. Max rotation speed up to 6000RPM

7 sizes- extremely versatile ( solid shaft, hollow bore, splined or keyed shafts, motor flanges).

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