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Andover Corporation Neutral Density Filters

Product Announcement from Andover Corporation

Andover Corporation Neutral Density Filters -Image

Neutral density filters are useful in a number of applications such as attenuators for broadband spectral sources, partial reflectors for light balancing applications and for use as neutral beamsplitters. Metallic type neutral density filters obtain their optical density by depositing a metal alloy coating onto a specific type of substrate which is determined by the wavelength region of interest. Absorbing ND filters are produced using Schott NG glass, and rely strictly on the absorptive effects of the glass to obtain the desired attenuation level.

UV-VIS-NIR ND filters

Visible-NIR ND filters

Infrared ND filters

Absorbing ND filters

Please contact our technical sales department to request a quote, whether it be for prototype quantities or production quantities.

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