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Catalytic Oxidizer-How it Works

Product Announcement from Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.

Catalytic Oxidizer-How it Works-Image

How the Catalytic Recuperative Oxidizer Works:

The Catalytic Oxidizer is designed based on volume of airflow, organic vapor concentrations and desired destruction efficiency. During operation, VOC-laden air is drawn into the system fan and is discharged into the systems heat exchanger. The air is preheated through the tube side of the heat exchanger and then passes the burner, where the contaminated air is raised to the operating temperature. As the VOC-laden air passes through the catalyst, an exothermic (heat releasing) reaction takes place. The VOCs in the air stream are converted to carbon dioxide and water vapor. The hot, purified air then passes on the shell side of the heat exchanger where the energy released by the reaction is used to preheat the incoming air. The heat exchanger minimizes the system's fuel consumption with the system being self-sustaining at low LEL levels. Finally, the contaminant-free air is exhausted into the atmosphere.

Anguil's Cost Effective Design:

The Catalytic Oxidizer is designed as part of Anguil's broad line of technologically advanced, yet easy to use, air pollution control products. The Anguil product line includes over 1,600 installations of Recuperative and Regenerative Catalytic and Thermal Oxidizers ranging in size from 100 SCFM to 100,000 SCFM (150-150,000 NM3/hr), Ceramic Filter Systems, Soil Remediation Equipment, Rotor Concentrators and Scrubbers. Each product line represents value engineered systems with emphasis on cost minimization. All systems are designed for optimum performance and trouble-free operation.

Anguil strives to provide innovative pollution control technology including process analysis, engineering, equipment manufacturing, installation and post-sale 24-hour service.

System Components:

Catalytic Oxidizer Systems include a heat exchanger, modulating burner, fuel train, catalyst bed, fan, motor, fresh air start-up valves, flanged inlet and outlet, system controls, temperature recorder, first-out shutdown detector and exhaust stack. The system has a weather-proof, insulated steel outer skin with access doors that allow service to all internal parts.


  • Remote monitoring/communication package
  • Secondary heat exchanger
  • Alternate fuel/power supplies
  • Continuous Emission Monitors
  • U.L. - stickered panel
  • Custom systems available

Safety Shutdowns:

The system will shut down safely and automatically if any of the following occur:

  • Electrical power loss to the control panel
  • Loss of proper air flow
  • High/low temperature or gas pressure
  • Flame-out of the burner
  • System operation above 25% LEL

The first-out shutdown detector will indicate the cause of a Catalytic Oxidizer shutdown.


  • Reactor has fully-welded, leak-tested 304L stainless steel interior, high density insulation and painted weatherproof enclosure. This assures safe, long-term operation.
  • A 300 Series stainless steel shell and tube heat exchanger provides economical operation without the high leak potential of plate-type exchangers.
  • FM/IRI approved burner can operate on either natural gas or propane. Offers fuel flexibility.
  • Thermocouple, digital controller and modulating burner maintain proper air temperature.
  • Programmable Logic Controller based control panel with digital message display reliably indicates the status of the burner, catalyst and safety circuits and aids in trouble-shooting.

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