MS202xC/ MS203xC VNA Master™ series

Product Announcement from Anritsu Company

MS202xC/ MS203xC VNA Master™ series-Image

Morgan Hill, CA – September 28, 2010 – Anritsu Company introduces the MS202xC/ MS203xC VNA Master™ series of handheld vector network analyzers (VNAs) that provide the performance and capabilities of numerous benchtop instruments in a single highly-portable analyzer. Offering the broadest frequency range of 5 kHz to up to 20 GHz in a handheld VNA, fast sweep times, waveguide support, and advanced time domain capabilities, the MS202xC/MS203xC series can be used by RF/microwave engineers to conduct system maintenance and interference hunting in a variety of aerospace, defense, wireless backhaul and general-purpose applications.

Four models – the MS202xC vector network analyzers and MS203xC combination vector network/spectrum analyzers – are available. These instruments replace bulky, AC-powered and expensive benchtop products so field personnel can increase productivity when conducting on-site installation and maintenance activities.

The MS202xC/MS203xC VNA Master series are the premier 2-port full-reversing handheld vector network analyzers. Fully configured, the VNA Master has the versatility to conduct many popular measurements that currently require a laboratory grade VNA, scalar analyzer, vector voltmeter, power meter and spectrum analyzer. Smart software is optimized for installation and maintenance applications, including cable and antenna analysis, transmission measurements, phase matching cables, interference hunting, and general purpose spectrum analysis.

In terms of performance, the MS202xC/MS203xC VNA Master is best-in-class. With its powerful 12-term error correction algorithms, the MS202xC/MS203xC series delivers S-parameter performance that is generally 10 times more accurate than scalar measurement results. It has 100 dB of dynamic range and an enhanced optional time domain capability. The "Time Domain" option has readouts with gating and low-pass processing features to address antenna range and material measurements. With the fastest sweep update rate in any handheld VNA of 350 usec/pt, it provides true real-time display updates for filter tuning operations. Using this tool, engineers can simplify gear logistics while conducting measurements anytime, anywhere.

Combination Vector/Spectrum Analyzer

In addition to vector network analysis, the MS203xC VNA Master offer superior spectrum analysis performance compared to existing instruments. Two models – with frequency coverage of 9 kHz to 9 GHz and 20 GHz, respectively – can detect everything between small signals and interference sources. Using the standard preamplifier, typical sensitivity of display average noise level is -160 dBm in 1 Hz resolution bandwidth (RBW). Dynamic range is >104 dB in 1 Hz RBW. The phase noise at 1 GHz is -100 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset, making the MS203xC well suited for interference sleuthing and rogue signal hunting. An intuitive menu-driven user interface makes it easy to conduct all measurements.

A lightweight and portable design allows the MS202xC/MS203xC VNA Master to be placed close to the device under test (DUT). This eliminates the need for expensive test port cables, even at higher frequencies, as well as helps ensure stable and repeatable measurements.

Designed for the field, the MS202xC/MS203xC series has an extremely rugged housing, wide temperature range of -10° to 55° C and a large, bright, daylight viewable display. It warms up in less than five minutes and a field replaceable battery allows the VNA Master to be used for up to three hours without having to be recharged.

For the defense community, a secure data handling option is also available to optimize the VNA Master for military (e.g., flight line test) and homeland defense applications.

The MS202xC/MS203xC VNA Master series has a U.S. starting price of $17,450 and delivery is 12 weeks ARO.