New Refractometer Series

Product Announcement from Anton Paar

The Performance line: "Measures, measures, measures."

The refractometers of the Performance line are designed for routine analyses and quality control, ranging from checks on incoming raw materials, intermediate to final products. Their sturdy design and straightforward operation make the Abbemat 300/500 true laboratory workhorses. Refractive index results from Abbemat 300 are accurate to ±0.0001 nD; Abbemat 500 provides an accuracy of ±0.00002 nD.

The Performance Plus line: "Ready for any job today and fit for tomorrow."

The refractometers of the Performance Plus line are designed for research and development as well as demanding quality control applications. They can be expanded with Plug and Play options which ensure the Abbemat is fit for future tasks. To simplify frequent changes to applications, navigation is simple using the intuitive touchscreen. Refractive index results from Abbemat 350 are accurate to ±0.0001 nD; Abbemat 550 provides an accuracy of ±0.00002 nD.

The Heavy Duty line: "Measures when others fail."

The refractometers of the Heavy Duty line are designed for work in harsh environments and for special applications. They have a hermetically sealed stainless steel casing and no display so they are not affected by spillage or dirt. They are controlled by an external PC which can be placed away from the workbench in another part of the laboratory. The Heavy Duty refractometers form a successful team with Anton Paar's DMA density meters and MCP polarimeters.

For high-precision measurements, Abbemat HP delivers results accurate to ±0.00002 nD over the entire range from 1.32 nD to 1.56 nD.

To measure samples with high or low refractive index, Abbemat WR provides measurements over a wide range of refractive indices, from 1.30 nD to 1.72 nD with an accuracy of ±0.00004 over the entire range.

To determine dispersion or measure refractive index at different wavelengths, Abbemat MW can be configured with up to 8 wavelengths from 436 nm to 656 nm.

For high-temperature measurements from 10 °C to 110 °C, Abbemat HT routinely handles hot samples or samples with high melting points.

All Abbemat refractometers are compliant with international standards such as ASTM, ICUMSA, OIML, AOAC, DIN/ISO, FDA, ISI, JIS and pharmacopoeias. They provide full compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, with user levels, audit trail, electronic signature and forgery-proof data export. Anton Paar also provides a qualification documentation package (IQ/OQ/PQ) to accompany the Abbemat refractometers.