Portable Density Meter: DMA 35

Product Announcement from Anton Paar

The DMA 35 portable density meter measures the density and concentration of your sample and is characterized by the highest level of user friendliness. Its robust and lightweight design enables the use in numerous fields of application and its on-site operation in a wide range of work environments.

On-site product checks require a density meter that is light, robust and portable. But what about the comforts of the lab? Anton Paar's DMA 35 is a portable density meter with a number of functions normally only found with laboratory instruments.

For complete clarity, each sample is given a unique name which is stored together with the result. It is therefore easy to see which sample produced which result. Using an IrDA interface allows operators to send results to a computer or portable printer without needing to connect cables or install extra software.

The Tag&Log version of DMA 35 also reads RFID tags on sample containers and uses the data to set the sample ID and method. This speeds up density and concentration checks, especially when regularly measuring at many different sampling locations.

Packaged in a robust housing, DMA 35 is built to withstand the knocks and spills of outdoor use. It can be operated comfortably when wearing protective gloves. For use in hazardous areas an Ex version is available. A DMA 35 Ex Petrol version for the petroleum industry has a housing resistant to petrols and similar organic samples. Results are shown on the large, back-lit display as density and concentration in units such as °Brix, % v/v alcohol and API gravity. Density measurements are accurate to 0.001 g/cm3.