Product Announcement from Applied Image Inc.


With 25 years of experience producing ENCODER strips, discs, scales and gray codes, APPLIED IMAGE Inc. has become one of the foremost leaders in the art & science of producing such tight toleranced components.

APPLIED IMAGE Inc. offers custom and standard encoder discs and linear scales to meet your most demanding applications. With the accuracy of our equipment, traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, we can design and manufacture with guaranteed adherence to critical tolerances.

APPLIED IMAGE Inc. can assist you in identifying cost effective options for selecting the right material substrate in developing your encoder. Available materials include photo emulsion on polyester film, chromium, aluminum, gold or inconel on glass.

Our technical expertise in the fields of imaging science and micro-imaging affords you the right combination necessary for accomplishing even the most difficult of designs. Whether your needs are in printers and scanners, machine tools, robotics, industrial or military applications select APPLIED IMAGE Inc., leaders in micro-imaging technology, to provide for those needs ...on time & within budget.