HBT Series Guided Cylinder

Product Announcement from Applied Industrial Technologies

HBT Series Guided Cylinder-Image

The HBT series utilizes an alignment coupler which prevents the piston rod from deflecting under high loads or long strokes. Standard piston wear bands allow the piston rod assembly to "float" in the bore thereby eliminating metal-to-metal contact. The result is dramatically greater cylinder seal life especially when the support shafts deflect under load. This ensures very long cylinder life with reduced maintenance and downtime.


The HB series linear slides are designed for guided linear motion applications. Two parallel precision-ground, case-hardened support shafts are guided by four linear bushings (two on HBN) and incorporated into the body assembly. The bearings are prelubricated to provide millions of trouble-free cycles. Composite bushings with standard or oversized shafting or linear ball bearings are available. The HB series features a machined, anodized one-piece aluminum body with tapped and counterbored through holes for mounting flexibility. Standard dowel pin holes provide precision mounting for the body and tool plate. The power behind the HB Series is Parker's premium NFPA aluminum, steel, or ISO cylinder.


  • Three-position cylinders
  • Adjustable stop collars
  • Cylinder cushions
  • Cylinder with rod lock mechanism
  • External bumpers
  • Flow controls
  • Fluorocarbon (Viton) seals
  • Oversized shafting with composite bushings
  • Proximity sensors
  • Reed, hall effect, and inductive proximity sensors
  • Shock absorbers
  • Shock ready
  • Slides without cylinders
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