TMTI 300 Thermal Imager

Product Announcement from Applied Industrial Technologies

TMTI 300 Thermal Imager-Image

The SKF TMTI 300 is a flexible, easy-to-use thermal imager that produces visible images from invisible infrared radiation. It enables effective viewing of a wide range of temperatures for safe inspection of mechanical and electrical machinery.


  • Easy-to-use, lightweight, one- or two-handed operation allows the TMTI 300 to be flexible and used for most industrial applications
  • Noncontact measurement technique enables measurements to be made safely on running equipment
  • Large thermal image storage capacity, 1000 images per Mb can be stored on Pocket PC/storage card; easy for data collection and subsequent reporting
  • Two user-defined, spot-temperature-measurement points allow comparison of areas of interest; the temperature difference of the two spots is displayed as a separate value
  • Both PC- and "Pocket PC"-compatible, allowing flexibility in viewing results and report writing
  • Laser pointer shows the size of a pixel, allowing the area of interest to be pinpointed and for accurate temperature measurement
  • Convenient temperature measurement in K, °C, and °F eliminates the necessity to convert temperature reading
  • Three different selectable color pallets (green/blue, red/blue, grayscale) for ease of viewing
  • Tripod mounting thread for stability and stable monitoring over a period of time
  • Ideal complement to other condition-monitoring techniques, such as vibration analysis


  • Software included for ease of data analysis
  • Sturdy "ready use" carrying case; the imager, pistol grip and pocket PC can be stored as one assembly ready for use
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