Telco Sensors

Product Announcement from Applied Industrial Technologies

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Telco's Features and Benefits Stand It Apart from the Competition:

  1. Offer easy installation - they are easy to align and require no complicated setups.
  2. Can penetrate through any contamination and operate in even the most hostile environments.
  3. Are immune to light - they do not need to be covered or hidden from ambient or extraneous light.
  4. Are water resistant.
  5. Can tolerate severe vibration and physical impact.

You can use a Telco sensor in virtually any application or industry. Some of these industries include: automatic doors, industrial doors and gates, elevators, carwash, sawmill and forestry, packaging, material handling, material processing, factory automation and controls, agriculture, food processing, pharmaceutical, mining and others. Applied® now stocks a wide range of Telco photoelectric sensors, amplifiers, receivers and proximity switches.

For more information or to order, contact your local Applied® service center.

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