"Go Green" with the Hyponic Gearbox

Product Announcement from Applied Industrial Technologies

"Go Green" with the Hyponic Gearbox-Image

Consider the Hyponic in your "green" initiative and work with Applied® to help make our planet a better place to live, work and breathe.

Sumitomo's Hyponic is an eco-friendly gearbox, thanks to its maintenance-free grease lubrication and exceptionally long service life.

The Hyponic optimizes energy efficiency by utilizing hypoid technology. This technology allows you to reduce your carbon footprint by decreasing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions typically contributed from the production process. It also allows significant efficiency advantages over worm gears, thus lowering utility costs.

Industries and Applications:

  • Conveyor & conveying equipment manufacturing
  • Airport operations (baggage handling)
  • Postal service
  • General warehousing & storage
  • Food & beverage

Sumitomo believes strongly that you'll love this eco-friendly product. And to illustrate their confidence, they are offering a FREE 90-day trial. Ask your Applied® Account Manager about the Sumitomo Hyponic Challenge! To find out more or to place an order, call Applied Industrial Technologies at 1-877-279-2799 or contact your local service center directly.

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