Off Shore Distillation

Product Announcement from Aqua-Chem, Inc.

Off Shore Distillation-Image

Design Features Evaporator - The evaporator features a horizontal design using the patented Spray-FilmĀ® process. In use for over 40 years now, this technology continues to be the design of choice in conditions that demand maximum reliability, lowest operating costs and maximum production. Heat Source - The vapor compression process uses its own compressed steam as its primary heat source, resulting in vastly improved efficiency. Materials of Construction - We use corrosion-resistant titanium and copper-nickel tubes, titanium compressor impellers and heat exchangers, plus copper-nickel evaporator shells. Automation - Watermakers are designed to operate automatically with a pushbutton start. A programmable logic controller (PLC) and human machine interface (HMI) are standard. Insulation - The evaporator is insulated with fiberglass and covered with aluminum cladding. Benefits From the North Sea to Southeast Asia, you can count on crystal-clear water at the rated capacity, confident that performance, capacity and water quality are not affected by feedwater characteristics. Custom engineering is available to meet international electrical codes, rig specifications and unique operating conditions. Patented Spray-Film evaporator design provides improved wetting of the tube bundle which minimizes scaling. This means less downtime for cleaning and less chemical use. Spray-Film design also includes built-in, on-line cleaning for removing any scale, reducing maintenance costs and increasing operating life. The most reliable steam compressor design incorporates a unique journal bearing with thin film technology for long-lasting performance, which is superior to ball bearings. Simple layout improves safety and ease of maintenance to extend operating life. All major components are accessible from floor level, with the compressor and pumps located at the edge of the skid for easy serviceability. Easy, low-cost installation, with only five piping connections and one electrical connection. Reliable and durable materials with proven performance after more than four decades of offshore use by Aqua-Chem. Factory tested to ensure trouble-free startup. Efficiency is 0.05-0.07 kw per gallon of purified water produced.