Product Announcement from Arjay Engineering Ltd.

Capacitance Probes Sense Many Process Variables-Image

Over 30 years of Arjay's field proven HF capacitance technology has been applied to the 2880 level transmitter. The probe continuously monitors product levels to provide a proportional level signal for pumps, alarms or control systeminterface.

• capacitance technology does notfoul or require cleaning

• no moving parts

• electronics is close coupled to probe

• simple keypad calibration with display

• diagnostics and level display

The 2880 sensing probe monitors the capacitance field around the active probe. As the volume of product increases in the vessel, the probe capacitance changes. A 4-20 mA output signal isprovided for interface with customer controls and systems. A quick calibration can be set using any two points along the probe length.

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