Premium Plastic Fittings Made in the USA

Product Announcement from Ark-Plas® Products, Inc.

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Ark-Plas® has been manufacturing plastic fittings in the USA for over 25 years. This experience has allowed Ark-Plas® to expand its fitting product line to supply a vast range of industries. Our current line of plastic fittings include: Premium Grade Fittings, Check Valves, In-Line Filters, Commercial Grade Fittings and Quick Disconnect Luers. We also offer a wide variety of material combinations for all plastic fittings manufactured.


All Ark-Plas® Plastic Premium Grade Fittings are molded with our "Premium Grade" technology. This means that every sealing surface on each barb is seamless all the way around, due to the lack of a parting line, eliminating flash or mold mismatch. Coupled with our high-quality manufacturing processes, "premium grade" technology helps to ensure a leak-proof seal with each use.

Premium Grade Fittings are molded from 100% virgin material only. Material certification can be supplied upon request. Because of strict quality control standards imposed on our Premium Grade Fittings, no returns can be accepted for any reason other than error by Ark-Plas®. This is your guarantee that no fittings ever leave our control, only to be restocked for future sale. This allows only the highest quality fittings to be marked as Premium Grade Fittings.

Our line of Premium Grade Fittings are 100% quality inspected before being packaged and shipped to our customers. Premium Grade Fittings are meticulously molded under controlled conditions, and are inspected for even the slightest quality defect by trained personnel wearing protective gloves to avoid the possibility of product contamination.

Designed for ease of use, Premium Grade Fittings with standard barbs have an easy to hold base, and a barb 1.4 to 1.5 times larger (depending on size of fitting) than the tubing ID. Once the single sharp-barb is inserted into the tubing, a secure, leak-proof seal is formed that can hold up to 125 P. S. I. without the use of clamps or ties.

Premium Grade Fittings with "hard-line" barbs are designed for use with semi-rigid tubing to provide a leak-proof seal without the use of cable clamps. When inserted, the barb's sharp, trailing edge digs into the tubing, and creates a bond which can hold up to 200 P. S. I.

Hard-Line Fittings are molded with the same "premium grade" technology and processes to ensure only the very best fittings are shipped to our customers.

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