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Nano Fiber Production using New Die Design-Image

Arthur G. Russell Co. and NTI Announce a Dual Break Through in Nano Fiber Production using New Die Design and Inexpensive Polymers.

Dateline Thursday October 1, 2009 A series of tests at University of Tennessee lab under the direction of Dr. Gajanan Bhat produced nano-fibers in PP and two polyesters, PET and PBT. The latter are inexpensive fibers never before melt blown into nano-fibers so far as is known.

The die was designed and built by Arthur G. Russell Company of Bristol, Connecticut under license from NTI and was designed to work on an existing melt blown line with no alteration. The design is the culmination of an extensive and sophisticated development effort and can withstand pressures that have destroyed conventional dies.

The die is made of stainless steel to resist higher pressures, temperatures, and corrosion. Each orifice has a polished surface to resist polymer degradation and provide longer life between die cleanings.

Dr. Wayne Davis, Dean of the University of Tennessee College of Engineering at Knoxville has said "The College of Engineering is very excited about the successful development that Arthur G. Russell and NonWoven Technologies has made with respect to its new die system. The results obtained at the nonwoven test facilities under the direction of Dr. Bhat at the University of Tennessee indicate that it is possible to produce nano-fibers in large quantity from relatively inexpensive materials such as PET. This creates the possibility of incorporating nano-fibers into numerous applications. I am particularly excited about the potential of utilizing this technology to create porous fiber matrices that can be used to enhance the efficiency of filters used in residential, commercial and specialized applications as the nano-fibers should enhance the ability to filter and capture submicron particles that are in the indoor environment. We look forward to further development and testing to demonstrate the full range of applications that this development opens up for the nonwovens industry."

The SEM micrographs show to the left are representative samples of the fiber size. Distribution and production rate are displayed in the graphs shown below.

The Arthur G. Russell Company can arrange to run trials on other materials. Results can be seen at or contact William Mis at 860-583-4109

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