Automated Hipot Testers! HypotULTRA III

Product Announcement from Associated Research, Inc.

Automated Hipot Testers! HypotULTRA III-Image

HypotULTRA III is a fully-automated dielectric analyzer for Safety Agency production line testing. The HypotULTRA III family features two models. The 7620 is an AC Hipot with an optional 4 or 8 channel internal scanning matrix. The 7650 is a 3-in-1 system that performs AC Hipot, DC Hipot and Insulation Resistance tests. An optional 4 or 8 channel internal scanning matrix is also available for both models.

The optional scanning matrix is ideal for multiple point testing of a single product or multiple product testing. The availability of 4 or 8 port scanners in either the AC only or AC/DC/IR versions provide flexibility in configuring a tester that meets the user's specific needs. For even more added functionality, HypotULTRA III interfaces easily with the Associated Research, SC6540 modular scanner. An additional continuity test mode allows the HypotULTRA III to perform both point-to-point continuity and hipot tests at voltages up to 5,000 volts.

HypotULTRA III can be used as a bench top instrument or as a PC controlled system. HypotULTRA III offers a full compliment of automation interfaces including USB, Ethernet, RS-232 or GPIB.In bench top applications, the enhanced graphic LCD provides a simplified user interface by providing clear and easy-to-understand menus. It is well suited for all hipot testing applications.

Additional Features of HypotULTRA III include:

. Patented CAL-ALERT

. Patented FailCHEK

. Patented SmartGFI

. Prompt & Hold Function

. C-UL-US & TUV Rheinland safety agency listed

. Built-in Scanning Functionality

· Storage of 50 setups with 30 steps per setup

· Real current measurement

· Extended IR measurement

· Electronic ramping (up and down)

· Max output current 30 mA AC and 10 mA DC

· Exclusive CHARGE LO and RAMP HI testing

· USB, Ethernet, RS-232, & GPIB

· Compatible with Autoware® stand alone software

· Compact 2U rack mount cabinet

See for yourself the advanced and flexible design of HypotULTRA III - Contact us today for an instrument demonstration!

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