Cleaning Critical Systems & Components

Service Detail from Astro Pak Corporation

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Astro Pak is the leader in providing Passivation, Precision Cleaning and High-Purity Chemical Cleaning services for a wide variety of "cleanliness sensitive" critical systems and components.? Many of our customers have external agencies that drive their cleaning requirements, such as the FDA, NASA and others.? We service such industries as Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Aerospace, Laser, Semiconductor, Water Treatment and more, including Industrial markets.?

Astro Pak has been perfecting its cleaning chemistries and processes over the past 50 years, for which we deploy crews and equipment to go on site to customer facilities, as well as processing components, hardware and assemblies at one of our state of the art Cleanrooms or Shop locations. ?Our cleanrooms are ISO 9001 /AS9100 Certified Class 5 (Class 100), and boast the most advanced and largest contract precision cleaning facility in the United States.

We also offers in-situ Electropolishing and Mechanical Polishing services as well as on-site biological decontamination services utilizing our iHP (ionized hydrogen peroxide) technology for sterilizing rooms, spaces and equipment.?