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Rack & Pinion Drives... Zero-Backlash

Product Announcement from ATLANTA Drive Systems, Inc.

ATLANTA Drive Systems, Inc., the World Leader in Rack & Pinion Drive Technologies, offers a wide range of zero-backlash rack & pinion drives that eliminate system backlash by means of a split-pinion and dual-pinion arrangement, providing ultra-precise positioning and repeatability. Positioning accuracy is maintained during acceleration and deceleration, as well as for direction of travel reversals.

The backlash is eliminated by using two pinions - one to drive the axis and the other to engage the opposite tooth flank and take up the backlash. Mechanically preloaded split-pinion drives utilize an axial spring to load one pinion half against the other. Electrically preloaded dual-pinion drives utilize two motors, each driving one pinion, which are loaded against each other by means of a special motor controller.

These drives are perfect for a wide range of applications, including traveling gantries & columns, milling machines, and material feel axis drives. Industries served include Material Handling, Automation, Aerospace, Machine Tool and Robotics.

Typical delivery time for these standard components is only 2 to 3 weeks - ideal for OEM's requiring just-in-time delivery schedules. Special and/or modified designs are always possible.

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