They are SIMPLE to use and used EVERYWHERE

Product Announcement from Atmel Corporation

They are SIMPLE to use and used EVERYWHERE-Image

With Atmel® AVR® microcontrollers, you have robust performance, low power, high-speed, connectivity, and system integration all at your fingertips. Based on a single-cycle RISC engine that combines a rich instruction set, AVR MCUs deliver close to 1 MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second) per megahertz and are optimized for minimum code size and maximum computing performance. Ideal for a broad range of applications including industrial control, ZigBee® and RF, medical and utility metering, communication gateways, sensor control, white goods, and portable battery-powered products, our AVR MCUs enable you to get your products to market quickly.

With a robust community following of over 300,000 engineers for more than 10 years, AVR Freaks lets you interact with other engineers on technical discussions and forums related to AVR MCUs.

Whether you are working on new, existing, or legacy designs, our wide range of Atmel AVR devices provide the latest features and functionality. These devices also feature high integration, the lowest power consumption, a comprehensive set of powerful integrated peripherals, and world-class ease-of-use