AEDR-8500 3 Channel Reflective Optical Encoder

Product Announcement from Avago Technologies

AEDR-8500 3 Channel Reflective Optical Encoder -Image

The AEDR-850X product series is a world's smallest three-channel reflective optical incremental encoder module (surface mount leadless package - 3.95 mm (L) x 3.4 mm (W) x 0.95 mm (H)) . The third channel "I" (index) in this reflective module is revolutionary and with inbuilt interpolator at high resolution of 304 LPI makes it ideal for various motion feedback applications The encoder was designed to operate over industrial temperature range of -20 °C to 85 °C, making it suitable for consumer, commercial and industrial applications.

- World's smallest reflective encoder with 3 channels encoding capability available in the market

- Built in interpolator enabling customer's flexibility in achieving higher resolution

- Enables the level miniaturization for 3 channel motor encoding system never before possible

Watch the webinar and find out how to design these 3-channel encoders into your customer's next design.

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