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Global warming and climate changes from CO2 emissions of traditional energy sources, such as those powered by fossil fuels, have created huge markets for alternative power generation. Wind turbine energy has become a popular alternative to meet the fast growing energy demand. Unlike fossil fuels, which are a limited and diminishing resource, wind energy is limitless and readily available.


Key applications for industrial fiber optic components in wind turbine systems include:

  • Power electronic gate driver for rectifiers and inverters
  • Control and communication boards
  • Turbine control units
  • Condition monitoring systems
  • Wind farm networking

Wind Turbine Power Generation

Wind turbine is used to convert kinetic energy into electrical energy through use of a generator. As wind conditions vary, the electrical energy created from the generator needs to be converted for usability. A rectifier, inverter , transformer and filter are needed within the wind turbine, in order for utility-grade AC power to be transmitted over long distances

A transformer is usually installed at the bottom of the tower to provide voltage conversion from the low voltage generated by the wind turbine, to medium/high voltage for transmission.

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