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Micro Spectrometers For Food Manufacturing

Product Announcement from Avantes

Avantes offers some very affordable spectrometers for the short wavelength near infrared (SWIR) range from 800-1100 nm.  This wavelength range is excellent for many dairy and food ingredient measurements such as moisture, fat, protein and solids non-fat (SNF).  The AvaSpec-128-USB2 is a high speed (5000 spectra/second), ultra low cost photo-diode array spectrometer which has significantly better near infrared response than a standard CCD.  In our higher performance, yet still affordable Sensline, the AvaSpec-ULS2048X16 and AvaSpec-ULS2048X64 combine high resolution with exception SWIR sensitivity.  These instruments are ideal for chemometric analysis in the NIR.

For sampling options, Avantes line of transflectance dip probes, reflection probes are ideal for liquid and solid measurements.  The AvaSphere-50-LS-HAL is another exceptional tool for powdered foods and food ingredients as it facilitates high speed diffuse reflectance measurements.