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ON Semiconductor PWM Dimmable LED Demo Board

Product Announcement from Avnet Express

ON Semiconductor PWM Dimmable LED Demo Board-Image

The NCL30100 is a compact switching buck LED driver controller intended for constant current high brightness LED driver applications where high efficiency and small size are important.

The board does have a low voltage AC bridge rectifier to support applications like outdoor landscape lighting and low voltage track lighting applications. The demo board has been designed to accept a PWM input to allow evaluation of the device for applications that need digital dimming. The controller is based on a peak current, quasi fixed off-time control architecture optimized for continuous conduction mode stepdown (buck) operation. This allows the output filter capacitor to be eliminated. In this configuration, a reverse buck topology is used to control a cost effective N-channel MOSFET. The Demo board has multiple FET footprints to allow for optimal FET selection by supporting a range of LED currents and input voltage ranges. The footprints include SOT23, SOT223, DPAK and as built, a TSOP6.

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