F Series - Molded Plastic Spray Nozzle

Product Announcement from BEX Spray Nozzles

F Series - Molded Plastic Spray Nozzle-Image

BEX F series molded plastic spray nozzles produce a flat spray pattern with spray angles of 0° to 110° @ 40 psi. Spray angles generally increase with pressure. Spray density tapers off toward the outside of these sprays, to permit overlapping of spray patterns while maintaining uniform spray density.

Each BEX molded plastic nozzle is designed with a series of "knobs" which make them easier to finger tighten than a hex, especially when wet. The design feature of a small starter barrel greatly reduces the tendency to strip or cross-thread the nozzle during the installation.

Materials Available

ACETAL - Suitable for most aqueous solutions (ph 4-9) up to 180°F

POLYPROPYLENE - Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance. Useful up to 175°F (Also available in non-pigmented for optimum purity)

PVDF (Kynar®) - Excellent durability and abrasion resistance and is inert to most chemicals. Useful up to 300°F (Also available in non-pigmented for optimum purity)

Typical Applications

-Printed Circuit Board Washing

-PCB Etching/Developing

-Semiconductor Manufacturing

-Fruit and Vegetable Washing