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The BHS Rotary Pressure Filter technology provides for reproducible thin-cake (from 3 mm to 150 mm), continuous production in a single unit. Filtration is conducted via pressure of up to 90 psig. Positive displacement washing or countercurrent washing follows filtration. Of course, multiple washing steps as well as solvent exchanges, steaming and extraction can also be accomplished. The cake is dried by blowing hot or ambient-temperature gas through the cake.

The Filter then has a uniquely designed cake discharge system, which provides for atmospheric discharge from pressure filtration. After discharge, the filter cloth is washed and the continuous process begins again. All solvent and gas streams can be recovered separately and reused in the process to minimize their consumption. The Rotary Pressure Filter is an ideal replacement for centrifuges, rotary vacuum filters, filter presses and other conventional process equipment where solids and solvents are being handled continuously. Applications include chemical, specialty and fine chemical, food and pharmaceuticals.

BHS conducts preliminary filtration, cake washing and drying tests in its Charlotte, NC Process & Filtration Laboratory to determine the optimum technology for the application. After the BHS bench top testing, rental units for pilot tests are provided.

BHS manufactures a full range of technologies for pressure or vacuum filtration, cake washing and drying. Our expertise is in thin-cakes from 3 mm and higher for both batch and continuous and high solids (>55%) to clarification (solids < 1%) operations. The product technologies include Autopress Pressure Filter, Rotary Pressure Filter, Continuous-Indexing Vacuum Belt Filters, and Candle and Pressure Plate Filters. Pre-drying and drying capabilities can easily be added to these systems.

BHS-Filtration Inc. provides single-source solutions for your difficult filtration, washing and drying problems. BHS completes the installation with tanks, liquid and vacuum pumps, piping skid packages, instrumentation, PLC controls, on-site start-up and lab and pilot-scale rental filters for on-site testing.

For further information about BHS-Filtration and its technologies and process benefits, click "Send An Email" button above or call to contact Barry A. Perlmutter, President & Managing Director.

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