Product Announcement from BITZER US, Inc.

The New BITZER ECOLINE Series-Image

BITZER launches new semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors for R134a

  • Increased energy efficiency up to 20% compared to traditional R404A medium temperature systems
  • Extended application limits towards lower condensing temperatures
  • The perfect solution to lower carbon footprint

BITZER is presenting the new BITZER ECOLINE semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors, optimized for R134a. The new series increases energy efficiency by up to 20% and has been optimized especially for medium temperature cooling applications.

As part of BITZER's commitment to environmentally friendly technology, BITZER provides a new R134a dedicated compressor series, which is based on the well-known and highly successful OCTAGON and B5/B6
compressors. The application envelope of the new series has been extended to lower condensing temperatures allowing for COP improvements of more than 30% under these conditions. This leads to significant energy and cost savings for the operator. Target applications are supermarket refrigeration systems and those systems found in butchers, bakeries and catering companies, among others. The series covers twelve displacement steps, ranging from 35 m³/h to 152 m³/h at 50 Hz. All compressors feature best suitability for variable speed drive. Motor Version 2 models for medium temperature applications are designed in a way to allow inverter operation up to 70 Hz even with the standard motor.

Both the store operator and the environment benefit from the ecological and economical aspects of the new series. Compared to traditional R404A medium temperature systems, it has been proven that running costs are noticeably lower because of reduced power consumption, lower service costs and less leak emissions. That's why many large European and Australian retailers have already made the change from R404A to R134a.

The low GWP of R134a is a real advantage in limiting possible GWP tax liabilities. Due to low operating pressure, refrigerant leakage and the risk of component part and pipe breakage is lower. Also, the hassle of a refrigeration system failure due to high ambient temperatures becomes a story of the past.

All components for R134a systems are proven and available and, since this is a well-known technology, there is no need for additional training or highly skilled technicians. With the new BITZER ECOLINE compressors BITZER offers the perfect solution which allows refrigeration system operators to considerably lower their carbon footprint and their energy bill as well.

Get the BITZER ECOLINE and discover the future!