TC-1607 A/B Epoxy Laminating Resin

Product Announcement from BJB Enterprises, Inc.

TC-1607 A/B Epoxy Laminating Resin-Image

A medium viscosity system formulated for a 35 minute work time and a service temperature to 350°F (177°C).

TC-1607 A/B is an unfilled, medium viscosity laminating resin for high temperature plastic tooling. TC-1607 A/Bis non-staining and is ideal for making tools from wood or plaster, where it is impractical to use heat. A TC-1607 A/B laminate can be removed from the master after 24 hours and post-cured to 300º - 350ºF without sagging or distortion when a support backup structure has been added to the laminate.

Product Highlights:

  • Easy to use for lay-ups requiring vacuum bagging
  • Withstands temperature to 350ºF
  • Designed for fabrication of a variety of molds

Product Applications:

  • Vacuum-form molds
  • RTM/RIM type molds
  • Compression molds
  • Auto-Clave molds
  • High temperature jigs and fixtures