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IP67 Aluminium box, enclosure

Product Announcement from BOXCO Inc.

IP67 Aluminium box, enclosure-Image

<Aluminium box,enclosure>

Description: Aluminium enclosure

Including: Base with screw for mounting plate, cover with Polyurethane gasket and screw


BC-AL-050503(45x50x32 mm, 1.77x1.96x1.25 inch)
BC-AL-060603(64x58x34 mm, 2.51x2.28x1.33 inch)
BC-AL-060605(64x58x46 mm, 2.51x2.28x1.81 inch)
BC-AL-061003(64x98x34 mm, 2.51x3.85x1.33 inch)
BC-AL-061005(64x98x46 mm, 2.51x3.85x1.81 inch)
BC-AL-061503(64x150x34 mm, 2.51x5.90x1.33 inch)
BC-AL-061505(64x150x46 mm, 2.51x5.90x1.81 inch)
BC-AL-080806(80x75x57 mm, 3.14x2.95x2.24 inch)
BC-AL-080807(80x75x70 mm, 3.14x2.95x2.75 inch)
BC-AL-081306(80x125x57 mm, 3.14x4.92x2.24 inch)
BC-AL-081307(80x125x70 mm, 3.14x4.92x2.75 inch)
BC-AL-081806(80x175x57 mm, 3.14x6.88x2.24 inch)
BC-AL-081807(80x175x70 mm, 3.14x6.88x2.75 inch)
BC-AL-082506(80x250x57 mm, 3.14x9.84x2.24 inch)
BC-AL-082507(80x250x7 0mm, 3.14x9.84x2.75 inch)
BC-AL-101008(100x100x81 mm, 3.93x3.93x3.18 inch)
BC-AL-101608(100x160x81 mm, 3.93x6.29x3.18 inch)
BC-AL-121208(120x122x81 mm, 4.72x4.80x3.18 inch)
BC-AL-122208(120x220x81 mm, 4.72x8.66x3.18 inch)
BC-AL-122209(120x220x91 mm, 4.72x8.66x3.58 inch)
BC-AL-123608(120x360x81 mm, 4.72x14.17x3.18 inch)
BC-AL-151309(150x132x90 mm, 5.90x5.19x3.54 inch)
BC-AL-161609(160x160x91 mm, 6.29x6.29x3.58 inch)
BC-AL-162110(160x210x100 mm, 6.29x8.26x3.93 inch)
BC-AL-162609(160x260x91 mm, 6.29x10.23x3.58 inch)
BC-AL-163609(160x360x91 mm, 6.29x14.17x3.58 inch)
BC-AL-181810(180x180x101 mm, 7.08x7.08x3.97 inch)
BC-AL-232011(230x200x111 mm, 9.05x7.87x4.37 inch)
BC-AL-232018(230x200x180 mm, 9.05x7.87x7.08 inch)
BC-AL-232811(230x280x111 mm, 9.05x11.02x4.37 inch)
BC-AL-233311(230x330x111 mm, 9.05x12.99x4.37 inch)
BC-AL-314011(313x404x111 mm, 12.32x15.90x4.37 inch)
BC-AL-3104018(313x404x181 mm, 12.32x15.90x7.12 inch)

Ingress Protection: IP66/67
Impact Resistance: IK09/10

Material: Aluminium
Surface treatment: Powder coating
Cover Bolt material: SUS 304
Gasket material: Polyurethane

BOXCO aluminum enclosures are suited to electrical and electronic components. It is rated IP67 and proper to be used for indoor, outdoor or coastal area in harmful environment where expected to be contact with sea water.
As well it has excellent resistance against chemicals and can be used in wide temperature range.