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IP66/67 enclosure for controller

Product Announcement from BOXCO Inc.

IP66/67 enclosure for controller-Image

Special Features:
•Draw latch and hinge are made from stainless steel and rarely break even when opened and shut in high frequency.
•Hinge and draw latch dimensions are raised, preventing sinking and keeping the enclosure airtight.
•Can be used in dangerous industrial conditions. Shockproof material is applied to the enclosure.
•Available 87 kinds sizes from 90x120x70 mm to 630x830x285 mm



Ingress Protection: IP66/67

Impact Resistance: IK07/08


BC-xxH-222712(225x275x120mm, 8.86x10.83x4.72 inch)

BC-xxH-272212(275x225x120mm, 10.83x8.86x4.72 inch)

BC-xxH-203015(200x300x150mm, 7.87x11.81x5.91 inch)

BC-xxH-302015(300x200x150mm, 11.81x7.87x5.91 inch)

BC-xxH-203018(200x300x180mm, 7.87x11.81x7.09 inch)

BC-xxH-302018(300x200x180mm, 11.81x7.87x7.09 inch)

BC-xxH-253515(250x350x150mm, 9.84x13.78x5.91 inch)

BC-xxH-352515(350x250x150mm, 13.78x9.84x5.91 inch)

BC-xxH-304015(300x400x150mm, 11.81x15.75x5.91 inch)

BC-xxH-403015(400x300x150mm, 15.75x11.81x5.91 inch)

BC-xxH-304018(300x400x180mm, 11.81x15.75x7.09 inch)

BC-xxH-403018(400x300x180mm, 15.75x11.81x7.09 inch)

BC-xxH-354516(350x450x160mm, 13.78x17.72x6.30 inch)

BC-xxH-453516(450x350x160mm, 17.72x13.78x6.30 inch)

BC-xxH-354520(350x450x200mm, 13.78x17.72x7.87 inch)

BC-xxH-453520(450x350x200mm, 17.72x13.78x7.87 inch)

BC-xxH-405020(400x500x200mm, 15.75x19.69x7.87 inch)

BC-xxH-504020(500x400x200mm, 19.69x15.75x7.87 inch)

BC-xxH-406023(400x600x230mm, 15.75x23.62x9.06 inch)

BC-xxH-604023(600x400x230mm, 23.62x15.75x9.06 inch)



BC-AGH-xxxxxx - ABS(base), ABS(cover)

BC-ATH-xxxxxx - ABS(base), Polycarbonate(cover)

BC-CGH-xxxxxx -Polycarbonate(base), Polycarbonate(cover)

BC-CTH-xxxxxx -Polycarbonate(base), Polycarbonate(cover)


Draw latch material: SUS

Hinge: SUS

Gasket material: Polyurethane