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Stencil, Sign and Masking for Commercial-Image

Uses for a BREN cutter are almost unlimited. From simple "Sign Shops" to Advertising, Re-Moldelling, Construction, Hardware, Auto-Body Work, Tattooing, and Body Painting or Thousands of other jobs, BREN provides cutters engineered and built to cut out wide assortments of Stencil and Masking Materials with the added benefit of easily cutting the amazing array of colored films for Signs and Decals. With a BREN system you can use Stencils where you need Stencils, Signs or Multi-Color Decals where you need Signs and Decals or even Magnetic Signs and Stencils, whatever you need to do the job.

Whether you need to mark Aircraft or make signs for the Zoo, the applications for BREN systems are as varied as the companies and agencies using them.

BREN offers a Full Line of Stencil Sign and Marking Materials for all types of cutters and uses. No matter what type of cutter you have from Die-Cutters, Older Mechanical Stencil Cutters, New Home use "Cricut" Style cutters or anything in between, we can supply you with the right material for the job!

BREN provides a COMPLETE SYSTEM with Cutter, Mobile Stand, Cables, Manuals, Windows® Drivers, Software, a full MUTCD package and our product support is without equal. Your operators can call on BREN using a TOLL-FREE number at any time during business hours for any help needed. We can provide phone support, or even setup a video conference for "face-to-face" instruction. And it's all FREE for as long as you own the system. BREN maintains a full inventory of Stencil & Sign Materials and Cutting or Application accessories.

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