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Ultraflexible Shielded Instrumentation Cable

Product Announcement from BRIM Electronics, Inc.

BRIM ELECTRONICS, INC. announces the expansion of our MINIFLYXä Ultra-Flexible instrumentation cables. Our new constructions include 26 AWG and28 AWG, for applications requiring a heavier gauge conductor.

BRIM'S part number series 1208/ and 1209/ constructions are run with the sameobjective as our 1210/ through 1214/ series. We use highly flexible stranded conductors with a special soft, flexible insulation, a highly flexible tinned copper shield,and a soft flexible PVC jacket overall for the ultimate in a standard high-flexminiature cable.

Both the 1208/ and 1209/ series are run in 2 through 5 conductors, in 26 AWG 105/46 stranding (P/N: 1208/ ) and 28 AWG 65/46 stranding (P/N: 1209/ ).

DESCRIPTION: Ultra-Flexible stranded bare copper conductors, .007" or .008" wall of soft flexible PVC, braided tinned copper shield, White .012" soft flexible 90°C PVC jacket overall.

Suitable as an instrumentation cable where Ultra-Flexiblity and miniaturization are essential, in low voltage applications. For example: Biomedical instruments, missiles, servo-systems & recorders.

OPER. TEMP.: -40°C to +90°C OPER.VOLTAGE: 200 Volts STD.P-U: 1000'