Product Announcement from BTECH, Inc.

UPS VRLA Battery Monitoring System -Image

BTECH's S5 Series Battery Monitoring and Validation System has been designed specifically for your UPS VRLA Battery systems.

Our patented and proven impedance measurement technology has the sensitivity required to find failing cells well before they pose a risk to your critical systems.

BTECH's wire set is pre-designed and tested for your battery system, the wire set can be factory installed in the UPS Battery cabinet or field installed in less than time it takes our competitors to install.

Why BTECH Is The World Leader In Battery Monitoring

We're Proven: Over 4000 Systems Installed Worldwide

We're Superior: BTECH's patented impedance method provides rock solid data accuracy and stability, allowing more time to respond - no other system comes close.

We're Non-Destructive: With a load signal optimized to the battery type, our system never subjects your batteries to a stressful load test. Additionally, our system is not powered by your batteries.

We Know Your Batteries: With more experience than anyone in the business, our sales and service staff is there for you when you have questions.

Key System Features

  • BTECH Monitors Key Battery Parameters in Real Time: System Voltage, Float, Charge and Discharge Current, plus ambient and pilot cell temperatures
  • Programmed Cell Impedance Measurement: Up to 24x / Day
  • Programmable Test & Out-of-Limits Alarms
  • Battery Discharge Data Logging
  • Up to 480 Individual Cells and 4 Strings per system
  • Individual String Current Monitoring for multi-string systems
  • Complete Isolation from the Battery String
  • No PC Required

Facility Management System Integration

  • MODBUS over TCP/IP for simple third-party software integration
  • SNMP
  • (6) User-configurable Dry Contact Alarms

Alarm and Data Acquisition Options

  • Local: RS-232 and USB
  • Remote: 56k Modem and Integral Ethernet
  • Alarms: Text Message to multiple cell phones, pagers or e-mail
    addresses, through BVM Software or FMS integration
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