Product Announcement from Bacharach, Inc.


Gas Sensor Transmitter

Bacharach's new GDX-150 Ammonia (NH3) Transmitter is the most economical solution for monitoring and detecting increased levels of ammonia. Gas concentrations are quickly transmitted via 4-20 mA current loop back to a centralized controller where concentrations can be displayed, alarms activated or exhaust fans turned on. The GDX-150 is a 2-wire sensor transmitter that accepts low power sensor modules that are easily replaced in the field.

The Bacharach GDX-150 is a rugged stainless steel sensor transmitter utilizing an electrochemical sensor that is sensitive down to 1 part per million (ppm) and can measure concentrations up to 500 ppm. These low detection limits allow actions to be taken at the detection of the smallest leaks. Unlike other sensing technologies, the GDX-150 electrochemical sensor is extremely gas sensitive and specific to ammonia. The compact size of the GDX-150 is ideal for small spaces such as vent stacks and is easily mounted directly onto any ¾ inch NPT conduit or junction box.