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The Chief® WX is ideal for applications where port adjustability and overall hydraulic cylinder space is restricted. The adjustable 360 degree rotating gland allows you to make port alignments as needed. All ports are recessed to maximize an already slender cylinder design. One port is located on the rotating gland and two on the fixed base. Adjustments are made by using a spanner wrench to rotate the gland with port in a clock wise or counter-clock wise direction.

The Chief WX has become the cylinder of choice where the same size cylinder can be used in a variety of directions and port positions thereby eliminating the need to stock assorted cylinders. The final gland/port positioning can be changed during assembly.

The Chief WX is manufactured at a ISO 9001:2000 certified facility and available in 75 different sizes from 1.5" to 4" bore and 4" to 60" strokes. Standard features include corrosion and scratch/dent resistant nitrided steel rod, cross-tubes, ORB #8 ports, 3,000 PSI operating range and 3 year limited warranty. Custom mounting options are available based on volume. Tested in accordance with SAE J214 for 50,000 cycles. (Fully loaded at full pressure).Bailey has one of the world's largest ready-to-ship inventories of hydraulic cylinders located in Knoxville TN.

Contact our Bailey OEM specialist today to find out more about the Chief WX and volume discount pricing. 1-800-800-1810.

• Intended Use: Double-acting applications • Versatile: 360 degree rotating gland • Gland: Keyed joint Ductile iron • Reliable: Tested in accordance with SAE J214 for 50,000 cycles. (Fully loaded at full pressure). • Corrosion Resistant Rod: Corrosion and scratch/dent resistant Nitrided Steel Rod (64 -71 RC max, 0.001" per side thick; Hardness gradient from low 50's to 40 Rc at 0.015" depth) • Rod Seal: Twin Lip design • Rod Wiper: D Style prevents contamination • Piston Seal: Hallite 755 • Piston: Ductile iron with wear ring • Piston Wear Ring: Nylon, glass filled • Rod End Mount: Rod width cross tube with grease zerk • Base End Mount: Cross tube with grease zerk • Bore Sizes 2 1/2" to 4" • Stroke Sizes from 4" to 60" • 3,000 PSI Working Pressure • Tube: Precision honed steel, 1.5" Bore: SSID (Special Smooth Inside Diameter) • Tube Seal: Buna O-ring with Polytemp hytrel backup • All Seals: Manufactured to US specifications • Paint: Satin Black. Custom colors are available • Packaging: Individually poly bagged • US Patent No. 7350453 B1

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