Product Announcement from Baltimore Aircoil Company

Air Conditioning with Ice Thermal Storage-Image

Air Conditioning with ice thermal storage is the most cost-effective, reliable system approach to cooling offices, schools, hospitals, malls, convention centers, sporting arenas and other buildings with daily comfort cooling requirements. Ice Thermal Storage is environmentally friendly with lower energy consumption and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Baltimore Aircoil Company has extensive global experience in satisfying the cooling and heat rejection equipment needs of air-conditioning systems.

Ice can provide a system that yields:

  • Lowest first cost system that does not require utility incentives
  • Reduced energy costs by providing flexibility in when energy is used and reducing the total system kWh usage
  • Reduced maintenance by using smaller equipment with flexibility in service schedules
  • Improved system reliability ensuring constant cooling
  • Increased comfort from constant supply temperature
  • Space savings with reduced equipment room and heat rejection requirements
  • Environmentally friendly systems with reduced energy consumption and global warming
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