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Offering extremely fast cycle times of just 62 ms, Baumer's new high speed absolute ATD EtherCAT encoders deliver fast positioning, speed control and motor feedback. Power over EtherCAT (PoE) simplifies communication between drives and control systems in multi-I/O equipment.

Available in singleturn or multiturn, these compact encoders are available with PoE to minimize cabling requirements and associated malfunctions. No additional power supply equals unparalleled convenience in hard-to-reach areas. A central uninterruptible power supply increases the system stability in all connected devices.

These compact hollowshaft encoders measure just 80 x 58 mm and offer electronic zero point adjustment as well as self diagnosis. These encoders are compatible with the CANopen over EtherCAT (CoE) protocol and offer 14-bit single-turn and 16-bit multi-turn resolutions. They have an operating temperature from -20°C to +85°C.

Because Power over EtherCAT delivers power and transmits field bus signals using just one cable, Baumer Absolute ATD PoE EtherCAT Encoders are a cost-effective alternative to expensive and complex multi-cable systems. These encoders are especially suitable for difficult to access applications and excel at providing positioning and motor feedback.

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