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VeriSens® XC Vision Sensors With Flash Controller

Product Announcement from Baumer Ltd.

VeriSens® XC Vision Sensors With Flash Controller-Image

The new VeriSens® XC series of vision sensors from Baumer are the first devices in this category featuring a fully integrated flash controller and resolutions of up to 2 megapixels. These features provide extremely simple integration and flexible system solutions. The C-Mount design introduces complete freedom of lens selection - even for complex applications.

At the same time, the integrated flash controller significantly reduces the cost of typically employed external light solutions. External lighting can be flashed with up to 48 V and 4 A while its configuration is already included in the intuitive software of the VeriSens®. This combination gives the user more time to implement his application solution and completely abolishes the need for familiarization with the programming of an external flash controller.

CCD sensors with three different resolutions - ranging from VGA to 2 megapixels - will be available with the VeriSens® XC series. An extensive software update will also be supplied to support the system's multiple range of functions. New options, such as an extended statistical assessment are added to the functions already familiar from previous VeriSens® series. The integrated test environment for listed jobs allows the setup to be verified and documented more comprehensively before production is started. The integrated FTP functionality simplifies image storage on external media and new tools for distance determination add further possibilities for a complete production control.

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