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Thermoplastic Aliphatic Urethane Films

Product Announcement from Bemis Associates Inc.

Thermoplastic Aliphatic Urethane Films-Image

Bemis Heat Activated Adhesives are the ideal choice to fabricate stronger, lighter-weight advanced composite products. Bemis film adhesives offer design engineers and manufacturers maximum freedom in the material selection and fabrication process; as they can be used to bond virtually any combination of materials. Even traditionally difficult to bond plastics such as HIPS, PE, PP, PET, PEN as well as PVC and PU can be bonded quickly and securely. Most metals and wood products can be easily adhered as well.

Because they are 100% solid thermoplastic films, Bemis Adhesives are easier and often faster to use than most thermosetting adhesives. There's no time consuming measuring and mixing of components - no time spent, or valuable floor space required - for the curing process.

Simply maintain the Bemis Heat Activated Film Adhesive in intimate contact with the substrates to be bonded, and apply heat to melt the film and "wet" the surfaces. Then remove the heat, and allow the glue-line to cool without stressing the bond - the bonding process is now complete!

Additional benefits of using Bemis Heat Activated Thermoplastic Film Adhesives include:
• Reduced overall weight
• Greater cost efficiency
• Cleaner and easier to use
• Pot life is not a concern
• Consistent glue-line thickness with total uniform coverage
• Easier rework of rejected parts: just reheat to a temperature above the softening point, separate the misaligned parts, and recycle
• Environmentally friendly
• Negligible VOC's