RX2E and RX3E Series Solid State Starters

Product Announcement from Benshaw, Inc.

RX2E and RX3E Series Solid State Starters-Image

Prepackaged Severe Duty Starters with ATL Bypass

RX2E / RX3E Series

Solid state starters provide reduced voltage start-ups

Benshaw RX2E and RX3E Series solid state starters provide solid state reduced voltage starting for normal operation and full voltage emergency backup starting with complete electronic motor protection at the flip of a switch. This unique dual redundant design is the ideal solution for critical applications where downtime is extremely disruptive to production operations and cannot be tolerated.

MX2 (RX2E Series) and MX3 (RX3E Series) solid state controllers provide precise digital starting and stopping, motor protection, metering, diagnostics and communications . standard. RX2E units are stocked with MX23 controller are available on request.

Key advantages include:

  • MX2 or MX3 controller
  • NEMA 12, dual redundant, combination circuit breaker
  • Shunt trip on main circuit breaker
  • 500% - 30 seconds rated solid state starter, UL certified and listed
  • 1,800 PIV rated SCRs, UL certified and listed
  • 125% continuous duty rated solid state starter, UL certified and listed
  • Selector switch for selecting solid state or full voltage operation mounted inside enclosure
  • Full HP rated bypass contactor with a 1.15 service factor, wired for normal bypass operation and full voltage start and run operation, with normally open auxiliary contact
  • Separately mounted SPE Series overload relay wired for full voltage start and run operation
  • 110 volt control power transformer with primary and secondary fuses
  • Door-mounted start and stop pushbuttons
  • Door-mounted keypad
  • Door-mounted run indicating light
  • Door-mounted local-off remote switch
  • Door-mounted overload reset
  • Terminal strip mounted inside enclosure for remote start/stop connection
  • Auxiliary relay with two Form C run contacts
  • RS485 Modbus communications
  • Analog I/O