Miniature 10-32 and M3 Check Valves

Product Announcement from Beswick Engineering Co., Inc.

Beswick's ultra miniature low cracking pressure check valves permit free flow in one direction and no (checked) flow in the opposite direction.  This valve is specified in many applications because of its very low cracking pressure (typically less than 0.5 psig.), its excellent repeatability, and leak-tight operation.

Working Pressure Range:  Back Pressure of up to 250 psig.

 Approximate Weight:  1.5-2.0 g in brass and 303 stainless steel. Weight will vary slightly  depending on configuration.

Porting:  M3 internal thread, M3 external thread, or barbed ports.  Many configurations available.  Custom variations of barbed and threaded bodies are available, as well as variations with built-in screen filters or sintered metal filters.  Contact factory for details.

Material:  Brass, 303 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel.