The New UNILIFT Pallet Transporter

Product Announcement from Bishamon Industries Corporation

The New UNILIFT Pallet Transporter-Image

The only pallet transporter and positioner that can lift a standard pallet or skid without straddling it!

The Bishamon UniLift™ gives you the best of both worlds. It maneuvers like a pallet jack and lifts like a stacker. It is the only product available that can transport and lift a closed bottom pallet without straddling it.

Standard Features:

  • Can be used with standard GMA pallets and/or skids
  • Dual-purpose product allows for both transport and load positioning
  • Handles and steers like a standard pallet jack
  • Lifting fork height up to 34"
  • Lift capacity of 2000# (see chart)
  • On-board, automatic battery charger
  • Efficient 24 VDC battery system powers lift operation
  • Electro-mechanical outrigger actuation with position sensors
  • Electronic operator console with Raise" and "Lower" push buttons, dual function key / battery disconnect switch, outrigger position LEDs and battery status LED
  • 8" diameter polyurethane steering wheels
  • 3" diameter polyurethane load wheels
  • Durable powder coated finish